– Independent Shorts Awards 2020, Gold: Best Experimental Film, Best Music Video
– Top Shorts 2020, honorable Mention: Sound Design
– TMFF 2020, Finalist: Best Experimental Video

“History Repeats Itself.”

Human race is scarce due to environmental destruction and the proliferation of cities by artificial intelligence. One man is traveling to survive alone in this world.

One night, he heard a strange noise while camping. the noise is that he had never heard of.

He try to approach the sound. There are an old typewriter and antenna in the place.

He knew how to handle this communication device. Therefore, he attempt to communicate using the last energy source he have.

Perhaps the noise was a message that came from somewhere…

We created new short film that is based on the Scifi worldview. In these days, there are many problems and issues in the real world that are Environmental pollution, Global Warming, War and so on. We made the hypothesis that these situations are repeating itself over and over again in parallel world even if the human race dedicated to avoid these consequences.Therefore, we named that “Eternal Escape”.