We are SEMIOSIS. Hello World.

This project is inspired by “morse code”. And, We set the worldview which is dystopia of the distant future in this video.

– Awards

“Best Sound Design & Honorable Mention: Music Video” in Top Shorts


“DESIGN OF THE DAY (DOTD)” in Design Awards Asia

In the distant future,

One man found the broken satellite on the ground.It is first time for him to look this object. And he found the letter “V.O.Y.A.G.E.R.”. But he cannot read this letter because people forgot the language long time ago..

He bring back the golden record his base. And he find how to play it. He shocked when he see the contents in the golden record.

The contents he saw is “Human’s history” which is already lost in this world. Yes, VOYAGER arrived at the distant future beyond the space-time.

he decide to send the message to the past by morse code.